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Бильд начал серию публикаций по организации и финансировании Россией войны на Донбассе

How Russia finances the Ukrainian rebel territories.

The BIILD-research proves: Russia has taken over the financial control of the self-proclaimed „People's Republics“ in eastern Ukraine.

Evidently, the Russian government has assumed control over all areas of state responsibility for the Ukrainian regions – and this without Ukrainian involvement, not even the separatists! This not only determines the present destinies of the regions with roughly three million inhabitants. The long-term planning for the future of the territory is also pressing ahead.

Intelligence agency sources have confirmed to BILD that it actually appears as though Moscow is completely controlling the Ukrainian region. The still contested part of the Donbass appears "like a satellite state of Russia", is how experts interpreted the situation.


А ну, кацапы, проблейте, что-то про гражданскую войну или про подкопченных в Одессе, хехе
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